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Traditional Me

My Village

In the world map, Sri Lanka is a water drop-shaped tropical island, surrounded by the Indian Ocean and is situated below the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent. Yes my friends, that is my beloved motherland. Sri Lanka which is still known as “Ceylon” for many in the world as that’s the name which we got during the western colonization era hundred of years ago. My paradise nation, which is surrounded by golden sandy beaches is measured at 65610 km2 in land mass. The middle of the country is surrounded by an amazingly beautiful, lush green tall mountain ranges. The administrative capital of Sri Lanka is Sri Jayawardenapura, Kotte and Colombo is the commercial capital. Sri Lanka's population exceeds 22 million and we are a multi-ethnic country where Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims are living together in harmony. Sri Lanka mainly have Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam and Hinduism as our main religions.