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Traditional Me

My Story

Ayubowan! I'm Nadee. Please accept my warm and loving welcome for everyone of you who came here to look into my story and to know about myself. I was born in 1993 and grew up in this amazingly beautiful and picturesque, peaceful village named Dankotuwa in SriLanka. Dankotuwa is Located in the interior outskirts of the capital of SriLanka, Colombo. This peaceful and beautiful village life has given me many blessings including that care free life where I enjoy the mostby looking after my Grandmother and my younger Brother in this nature’s gift of a village!

If I take you into my childhood, my first day of the school was like yesterday as I remember that day very clearly. Early in the morning, the natural beauty of the light green grass tips which was lushly grown in the small narrow path way of the vernier of the rice fields, were decorated with glistening dew drops were soaking my feet while walking towards the school. But now when it comes to think of it, so many new, strange things have become part of our lives over the time. I'm sure that when we as small kids might have never expected these changes to be part of our lives today. To be honest I truly love and still cherish that care free and stress free part of my life! Let me put it this way! Every time you watch “Traditional Me” , step by step, all what you sense and see so very clearly in every step of the way is my sub conscious mind.